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Despite what Redtooth perceived as hesitance, Dove spoke of home on her own accord. In moments like this, when Redtooth was feeling particularly introspective, he found it easer to listen rather than speak. It ran against his regular gregarious nature, but Redtooth was a man full of surprises (even if the surprises were as dull as contemplative silence). He did not interject. Instead, he listened without a word and nodded along when appropriate.

Redtooth could see sadness written across Dove's face; knitted into her deeply furrowed brow. Unlike Redtooth, she did not hide behind the mask of a smile. No, Dove hid behind a sheet of ice. Solid, cold, and thick. In a way, it was loneliness mirrored, but when one looked to the other with an ignorant eye, they would see a completely different image.

When it came to blessings and curses, Redtooth offered a simple shrug. He tried to view things in a positive light. Like, had it not been for Inferni, winter's chill would have likely claimed Redtooth's life. Though it was not particularly where he wanted to be, it was a blessing. But, that was not something Redtooth could decide for Dove -- she had to come to her own conclusion herself.

Then, when she finished explaining, she inquired about Redtooth's own home... or rather, what he once called home. "I guess I owe you that much," he said. He took a long breath a leaned back. "Homestead's a community of, uh -- 'bout 200, give or take -- just north of Manassas." It had been a sizable community. Much larger than Inferni, but Redtooth reckoned that was because the climate down south was much more hospitable. "

"My brothers and I grew tobacco on Mom's plot," he explained. "Things were pretty simple, I guess. We didn't have much, but we got by on trading what we grew." Looking back, it had been nice. "I, uh -- I really had a good family. I mean, Mom had her issues, but my brother John, he's my best friend." Someday, Redtooth hope that he would see them all again, but he thought that it was unlikely given the distance.

"There were others too; folks that were important to me." Redtooth bit his lip. As most good stories about heartbreak began, "There was a girl." He took another long, slow drag, and his lungs with thick smoke.

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