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  • The sound of the breeze rustling across semi-naked branches created a sombre ambience. With current events, the lingering heaviness of conflict settling forlornly across the land, one could become consumed with unease. It could lead to distracted minds and weary hearts. Most might end up finding themselves filled with suspicion and doubt, the prospect of a threat coming from anywhere. However, it would be considered rather ironic in hindsight, that the danger that had caused most damage and destruction to a particular Infernian’s life was not from some foreign outside source, but rather from nature itself – and not for the first time either. Perhaps it was some cruel joke, a way to remind the ashen male that nothing was in his control. First it had been the cave-in, and that had been bad enough – bringing up haunted memories of his childhood – and then, it seemed the trees had wished to wage war against him and him alone. This time, it came in the form of a single branch, crashing through the roof of his shelter and landing with a loud crash on the floor. One respite had been that the man hadn’t been inside – though he could only watch and give a mild comment of wit of “Another window, then.”

    Cypher stood there now, examining the extent of the damage. The new hole wasn’t particularly large, perhaps the width of his arm span in Optime form. It was the fact that the bough had managed to tear of chucks from the surrounding materials that meant the Blackwater son would have to replace at least half his roof. Now in the throes of winter, it certainly wasn’t the most ideal time for such a thing to happen, but the man was rather determined to get it repaired in one day – for he was not going to resort living in the Mansion, or worse, the Caverns. No, the man from Chesapeake Bay couldn’t face doing that. It was still too soon since that last cataclysmic event, and his mind had already been torn asunder. To have to potentially go through that again would likely drive him to the edge. Between his own haunted nightmares and morbid waking moments, and the natural warfare that seemed to plague him, as well as now these strange nameless canines that lurked near Inferni, Cypher felt close to breaking point. The man had tried to maintain some kind of routine, hoping that even the mildest form of familiarity would keep him sane. But this? How much more could a single soul take?

    The man carried his burden of a single heavy branch through the snow. It was slow going, Cypher aware that selecting the materials for repair would have to come under careful consideration. His mind was frequently a whirl of thoughts, though his outward manner suggested a kind of stoic calmness which was itself, a façade. The ashen and ivory coyote hybrid leaned the piece of wood carefully against the rear wall of the structure. He then reached up with his arms and jumped, grabbing hold of the guttered edge of the roof before pulling himself up with a strange kind of deftness. Pausing for a moment to gather himself, Cypher stared out across the forest, fancying for a moment that he could feel something watching him. Perhaps there was another member of Inferni out on patrol, it would be rather likely given the current events. The Blackwater son considered going to find someone to aid him, but the man didn’t wish to disturb the others should they be doing something more important. No, it might be best he did this alone, and once complete, he could get a fire going and prepare a simple meal – alone.
    • Word Count: 621
      Form: Optime
      OOC: Backdated to some time before the 11th c; let me know if you need me to change anything!
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