[P] Let me show you what you've been missing
Word Count → 244 :: Lucian's in trouble. Never mess with sisters!!

[/html]So rarely did she ever feel anger – it wasn't something she liked to feel, preferring to sort the problem causing it and move on, which was why she'd thrown her fears to the wind, storming out of her room as fast as she could and making her way down the halls, hand tracing the lines of the wall she followed until she reached the gap she'd been looking for.

Edging forward until a paw hit the lowest stair, the merle began making her way up the winding staircase, reaching the top and breaking away from it and into the hall, making quick work of finding her way to Lucian's door, since it wasn't all that far from the stairs themselves. Directly above her own room, she knew; part of her had debated banging on the ceiling, before deeming that too childish.

Face to face was better, because he had a lot to answer for if what Nieve had told her was true. Out of everyone in Sapient, she expected this level of wretched conduct least of all from him and couldn't understand why he'd been spreading such vile gossip about her sister. Just because she couldn't see the messages didn't mean that she'd never find out. What had he been thinking?!

With a raised fist, she banged on the door, taking a steadying breath and bracing herself, hands on her hips and her best angry/serious face on.

“Lucian. Answer the door please.”[html]

Art by Remarin

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