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SoSuWriMo 2013 has now come to an end! Congratulations to all participants for fighting the good fight! You all did great! We had sixteen winners again this year. Please get your address and avatar information in as soon as possible. Avatars should be done within a week or two. Prize packs will ship before the end of February, if all goes well! Thanks for your patience. ♥

We've updated the Custom Title and Icon Guide to reflect that links are prohibited in custom titles and icons. If you currently have a link in your custom title or icon, please let us know so it can be removed. Thank you!

Automated game statistics

We have a new Game Stats page and it is automated! No more counting mistakes and discrepancies! Figures are counted based on usergroup membership and profile settings. Since usergroups are already edited and updated every time a member joins/quits/changes packs, game stats will always be up to date! Hallelujah!

Similarly, genders and age are automatically figured from member profile information, which does mean that gender and character birthdays are now mandatory in profiles. Please double-check your profiles to make sure these fields are correct. We (admins) are given a log of characters with unset genders and/or birthdays, and we'll be PM'ing anyone who has something off in their profiles. We're going to assume your character birthday is wrong if it makes your character older than 13 years, but don't worry: you're still allowed to have a character that age. Also, because the board has no way of associating Loner puppies with their required guardians, it will now also be mandatory for all Loner pups to designate their guardians in their profile.

NPCs are no longer listed on the game stats page, and auxiliary character listings and the icon legend are now contained on a separate page. And...that's it! Probably this is way more exciting for leaders/mods/admin than it is for everyone else, hahahahaha.

Community & Spotlight Souls

Congrats to Sebastian Auditore (Scotty), our Spotlight Soul! Ronnie (Leviothan) is our Community Soul! Read more in our Community and Spotlight Soul topic!


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