[DND] Our kingdom can see its end
Coaxoch Ulrich

I'll fight till there's no kingdom left

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It had been more than awhile since he had found himself thinking about her. He had more things on his mind than that of the inner workings of Salsola, for this war against Inferni still had been at the forefront of his mind. He thought still that it had been wrong of them to fight the coyotes, and that peace should have been disputed before they had laid waste to the mansion in which most of the Infernians lived. He had heard the screams, the yelps, only lucky to not see the bodies as they burned alive like the bodies he burned in the Blackwoods on a regular basis.

While he should have been proud, Faith made him feel ashamed of his Gods.

He asked his father how the Gods could ask them to burn the Infernians like they were lesser beings, but the whole thing still had Till very distracted, and he was more interested in not talking about the war and not thinking about how the Bastard's "father" was now labeled Pentiti. Coax had no answers, and this led him to spending a lot of time alone in the Blackwoods, listening to the sounds of the forest to find the voices of the Gods. He needed to know why. He needed to know what made the Salsolans so superior to where they were not to burn each other alive. Where did all the violence stop?

Only during the Solstices in which they were to find a mate? Coax still did not understand these rules, these traditions.

He didn't understand the bloodshed.

It took him even longer to decide to seek her out. He didn't want to talk to her all that much, because she still had been a brat in his eyes, and she didnt really deserve her spot on the throne that she took so forcefully from her traitor of a father, but he knew that some(most) things were out of his control, for he was nothing but a lowly Family member. He thought hard about how to act around the woman, he knew that her power could end up with him without a home, and he knew more so that he would have to show some sort of respect for the brattish Hierophant. Coax grimaced as he found that the snow had turned to wetness, and he headed home into the Springhill Cemetary. He stayed inside for some time until the temperature began to drop once more, to where the rain turned back into solid snow fall.

When he emerged from his home, he was dressed in a sharp suit that he procured from his father some time ago. He often wore this to the Last Suppers, and had been in a rush most of the times, so he seems sloppy sometimes, but this time, he was as sharp as his suit. He stood tall, and handsome, with carefully brushed hair (that was growing too long) and a frown on his face as he mounted his horse and headed to where he knew she was taking shelter in this winter storm. Her place was probably much warmer than his own anyways.

He did not mind the cold, for his coat had the thickness of a wolf, but one could not deny the luxuries that a Queen would have, no matter how small they were.

It took him some time to get the old stallion to the Ruins, but when he did, he dismounted and walked the rest of the way to the Central Ruins and easily found himself wandering down the hallways of the old Ruins to get to where he wanted to go.

This time he passed up Idrieus' Library and found himself going to the Throne Room with silent steps from dulled claws and trained feet. He would not make the mistake of letting her know that he was coming - not this time.

He finally made it to her door and he put a knuckle to her door and knocked with purpose.

"Elphaba. I need to talk to you."

Father, where are you now?

This whole world is ours that we'll take back

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