A future that passes without recollection
[p. Gaia]
We’re the only ones who know

It was cold outside. He stared stupidly into the sky, wondering why it was so cold so early in the season. Wasn't it fall, still? Wasn't it supposed to be gold and brown, chilly but pleasantly fall-like. The trees were barren, the ground bare, and there was still pockets of very cold snow and ice littering the darkest shadows. It was supposed to be fall, and yet it was clearly winter. He had been thinking before he left the Hotel that it was definitely supposed to be fall. It was just the summer, recently, right?

The man reached for his bare neck, wondering where he had put his mother's old gift of a scarf. It had been in the old colors of Crimson Dreams, a memory of his childhood full of love. But he had not been able to find it when he looked in the rooms he had shared with Shiloh, who also seemed to be difficult to track down those days. Had she gone off to visit family somewhere? She had not been around in a while, from what he could remember.

Silvano moved down the old, dilapidated street; the road was worn and the concrete cracked. At least that still looked right. It still seemed wrong, at the same time.

It did not do for a King to be so confused in his own Kingdom. Where was everyone, too? It was.. odd, eerie, but the man felt rather lost as he shambled on like a living ghost on a broken road that headed toward the training grounds.

dad walkin' he super confusion ok

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