A future that passes without recollection
[p. Gaia]

The young woman went about her days as she had before the conflict which so destroyed her concept of normality. It was hard to do this – sometimes she became overwhelmed with grief and broke down, and sometimes she found herself listless, but on days when the sun came out she tried very hard to be anywhere but home.

It was not entirely sunny today, but clear enough for her to enjoy the weather. Winter could not stay forever, and she could see traces of this fading if she looked hard enough. Soon, seemed to be the thought, though no one knew exactly when. This wasn't terrible. She could wait.

Returning from an early morning hunt which had provided laughably small results, Gaia traveled on her four legs with ease. She was stocky and dark, as wolves went, and made for the forest from which she emerged.

Ahead of her on the road stood her father, whom she observed just long enough to feel as if something was off with his movements. Though conflicted about how she now regarded him, Silvano was still her father. He had suffered greatly for his sins, and cruelty was not her nature.

Gaia hailed him with a little noise and began to approach.

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