[P] Mists of time part for the unworthy
[p. Yuka]
We’re the only ones who know

Why was he so far from home? Silvano stared into the trees around them, their limbs so reluctantly give up to spring foliage, though it was weak at best. For whatever reason, the weather refuse to relent and the wintry conditions seemed hellbent on persisting. Silvano found it odd, especially since his mind lost the trail of time, stuck somewhere his memories struggled to put him. He was not in the pack and he could not fathom why it was he left. He knew that there had been a reason but that reason was gone on the wind like a passing dandelion seed.

Silvano walked forward, then stopped, staring into space some more. Why was he out and about? There had to be a good reason, even if he could not figure out what that reason had been. He furrowed those brows of his, sighing deeply, as though it were more of an inconvenience than a truly concerning realization.

He knew something was wrong, for he could tell that he had been worrying family lately. That was a memory that seemed hellbent on staying in his head, even if he struggled to pull the faces of his youngest children into his mind at a moment's notice. Even a good round of focus was dull. He could barely recall them, or their names. He knew they existed, and it was the sharpest of pains in his chest to know he was forgetting his children.

"Heritage?" he called out, remembering his stallion. Where had the horse gone? He did not realize that he had no taken the horse. He had, after all, just walked away from the pack without a single thought.

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