[P] Mists of time part for the unworthy
[p. Yuka]
We’re the only ones who know

"I don't know," he said with a shake of his head. Honestly, he was starting to wonder if he had taken Heritage out at all for there was no smell on him of the creature. Was he, perhaps, imagining it? No, there was no way. How else would he have gotten.. wherever it was he happened to be? Heritage had to have been around and he was not about to abandon the horse to wild wolves who were happy to prey upon owned animals.

He finally looked down at her, cocking his head a little to the side. "You have very curious markings. You're not from Aniwaya are you? They tend to have odd colors all over." He knew it sounded rude, but the tribe's customs were strange to him, especially having come from a highly humanized family that prided themselves on their civility and knowledge rather than the ancient traditions they were upholding. That and Aniwaya would forever be a sore spot, having fought in a war with them in his youth.

"But, yeah? No horse?" he added, with a sigh, looking a bit despondent.

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