[P] Moon above, tricksters below
[p. Hibiki]
Quote:"It's midnight on an old country road, and it's drizzling. Your character is arguing with a loner."


wow that was pointlessly long, I'm so sorry

She had no idea how the night had progressed as it had. At one point, she had left the territory for whatever reason and wandered past the land bridge, further north than the newest pack of Mistfell Vale. She had visited once and hoped to visit again if things went well. She would give them time, though, and that meant she went further than she expected.

Much of the wandering was a little lackadaisical. Chaska did not accompany her, so she went fully armed to the teeth, with knife and sword on hand. It was likely unnecessary but she was not willing to take risks when alone and far from home. Instead, time seemed to tick right on by and night fell long before she had even made it back to the land bridge.

An old human road was beneath her feet, broken and cracked, with spring growth protruding in the dark. There were even small bushes growing from gaping holes, where nature reclaimed what was rightfully its own dominion. The road had pointed north when she had taken it earlier that day, so she hoped that it was going to point her south again. If she found the scent trail that would lead her to the Vale, finding her way home would be easiest.

Somehow, it never dawned on her to find the coast and follow that. For a girl raised by the sea, it seemed like a heresy.

You lost, girly? asked a grizzled voice in the dark. Kalypso's knife was suddenly in her hand as she turned. A grizzled looking woman emerged from the woods, holding a lantern in her hands. Bad luck to be lost on a good moon night, she added, raising her finger skyward. Kalypso looked up and saw the sparkle of stars and the distant shine of the crescent moon.

Why is it bad luck? countered the Queen, feeling the irritation surging into her voice.

The moon watches and the moon will confuse you to make fun. Not as good as a full moon for finding ones way. Worse really, said the crone, her grin toothy, with more than a fair share of teeth missing from her maw. Kalypso scowled openly.

You speak nonsense. It's just the moon. It does nothing. Kalypso felt her teeth bare in warning, already tiring of the lunacy of a stranger.

I've got more years under my belt than you, girly, and I know a thing or two about how the moon makes magic stronger and weaker, and it's a twisted sort of night for sorcery. She was too sagely for a moment before she let out a cackling laugh.

Magic isn't real! she barked back at the woman, who only shook her head in disappointment.

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