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Currently working out Cidro's height/weight and using the size chart on the RP guide as a reference. I think I went in a little too deep now though cause now I'm just confused. Maybe one of you guys could help me work it out?

Okay. So Cidro is half Mexican wolf, and half dog (25% Belgian Tervuren, 25% Black Mouth Cur Dog). He is considerably slender and willowy for his genetic makeup, but not particularly short. Maybe like a little below average height. I'll give you the average height and weight range for an adult male of each of his species before continuing.

Mexican Wolf

30-80 kg

60-90 cm

Belgian Tervuren

25-30 kg

60-66 cm

Black Mouth Cur

18-22 kg

45-63 cm

So initially what I was going to do was choose a weight somewhere near the bottom of each of the dog breed's scales, find the average, then add that to a weight low on the Mexican wolf scale and find the average of that. I'd do the same for the height (except a little closer to average), and then use the Wolf size chart on the RP Guide as a general guideline for the rest of his forms, keeping in mind that he'd be a little bit smaller because of his dog blood.

Initially, for his Lupus form, I worked out that he'd be around 26-28 kg and 67 cm. I'm having a hard time picturing it tbh and I don't know how proportional it'd be, but it was the best I could come up with. However, when I tried to use the size chart as a guide, I realized the imperial and metric systems weren't really aligned and now my poor Canadian head is confused. Not only that, but when I used online converters so I could see what he'd be in feet once he got to Optime form, he turned out to be smth like 6ft 2in which is too tall for him.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is if someone here with more experience could take my 26-28 kg 67 cm Lupus proportions and his willowy, slightly shorter than average description and translate that to Secui and Optime I'd be super super thankful. Or you could just tell me that those proportions are way off to begin with and help me make them more realistic.

Oof this is long, thanks if you read all the way through. In a way, it's actually kind of fun that I have to think through something as tedious as a character's size so much just because of the story's lore. I'm happy that 'Souls is as in-depth as it is, it shows that a lot of people put a lot of time and effort in it <3

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