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Okay so I've been doing general research and plotting in my head about this but I wanted to make absolute sure it would work and make sense:

Esqueleto and Sabina discovered a old house in this thread here: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=52&t=39149</a><!-- l -->. The windows are gone, doors broken, walls are old and the roof isn't grand but the structure stands. Also, being slightly above ground the old floor boards are giving way with age and rot. It's going to be a job to fix, but Leto comes from a place where he was made to help build homes back in Mexico, and so learnt a fair bit about it in his many years. Especially the use of such clay-like materials as Adobe (mudbrick), a mixture of water, soil and straw/dung.

Cutting down trees and getting wooden planks would obviously be difficult, and down right unrealistic when it comes to then hammering them into the walls to repair them etc, especially when they don't have any tools for it either. But working with clay seems more realistic in that regard.

But I have to ask before I go forward with mentioning Leto working with mudbrick, would it work for the house? He's thinking about taking up the floor boards and replacing it with mudbrick so that there's no risk of falling through it, but would this be a flood risk (though to be fair floods are pretty unavoidable if the weather is THAT bad). And what of the walls? Either by a brick system or puddled walls (where the clay/mixture is just built up by layers and not brick). For the walls needing repair, Leto would plan on covering them up from the outside, working from the ground and going up to create a second wall of mudbrick in front of the old wall.

Am I looking into this too much? I hope not, I'd like the house repair to be as realistic and fair as possible, so would love some advice or opinions on this Shy

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