[DND] In their ashes we found our profits
[CdM Sheep Roundup]

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It had taken a lot of convincing to get the girls to clamber out of his saddlebags and returned to the house.

A lot.

In fact, it had taken pleading, begging, threatening (completely ignored, mind you) and finally bribery before the Dane had been able to swing his child free saddlebags up onto the horse's back. Even then Riddle and Harley had tumbled around eagerly underfoot until they were shepherded away by the older two and presumably returned back to either Moon or Keylo. He knew which one it would likely be... Moon Moon, while a loving mother, was more often than not better suited to dealing with things that weren't small children who needed constant supervision.

By the time the group had gotten to what had formerly been Krokar, Mads was glad to have had such a spirited morning, because what his senses were currently taking in was anything but. The Dane leant back against his mount's broad croup, sighing and regrettably, taking in a deep breath that smelt and tasted like ash and smoke. Their pit stop was brief, and Kalypso made to move on and soon after, gave them the sign to depart from each other's company.

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