golden jackals in souls (+ doctors and diseases)
Per the guide:

Quote:They are not particularly adapted to cold weather: they cannot traverse through very heavy snowfall without keeping to a path made by another animal first. Temperatures are also a problem, but they are capable of surviving them up to -35 °F (-37 °F).

Would my character need to buy a mount to deal with the snow, or hire a native wolf to make travel during autumn/winter easier? Would the latter be enough? (I imagine feeding a mount would be harder during the winter, also, and I don't think she would be able to hunt during winter if she can't travel through snow - so she would need someone to help her regardless, until she finds a pack.)

Also, would it be unreasonable to have a golden jackal operate in a Bedouin-like tribe and herd goats or camels? Not something huge, but:

Quote:The individual family unit (known as a tent or "gio") typically consisted traditionally of three or four adults (a married couple plus siblings or parents) and any number of children. When resources were plentiful, several tents would travel together as a goum.

They would have traveled as just one family unit most of the time.

Quote: Bedouins have traditionally migrated in in-law-related domestic units or households in the spring and summer and converged with other near-kin households to live in bigger camps in the winter. The size of camp can vary between three tents or as many as 15. The size of the camp is often dependent on how much pasture is available for animals. The deserts can be quite cold at night. Bedouins build fires at night to keep warm.

Would any of this be too contradictory toward the golden jackal's natural habits? I figure herding and the luperci virus could offer them more resources to group together, even if they don't naturally do so -- since they are more likely to travel in packs when there's plentiful resources.

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