golden jackals in souls (+ doctors and diseases)
Hi there! Welcome to 'Souls! Shy I'm Mandi, a mod here on the board. These aren't official answers, but I'm going to try and explain my personal thoughts on your questions. c:

Zaahira al-Ghul Wrote:Would my character need to buy a mount to deal with the snow, or hire a native wolf to make travel during autumn/winter easier? Would the latter be enough? (I imagine feeding a mount would be harder during the winter, also, and I don't think she would be able to hunt during winter if she can't travel through snow - so she would need someone to help her regardless, until she finds a pack.)
Having a mount would certainly make travel easier for her, but yes, feeding the animal may prove difficult for her if the animal is not allowed to roam freely. Is it necessary that she have a mount? No. She could certainly still travel, though, without the ability to make her own, she would be limited to keeping to trails that have already been cut by other animals or Luperci.

Having a helper -- whether its a native wolf or coyote, a hardy northern landrace dog, or a combination of these -- would absolutely improve your character's chances at survival during the winter months. An alternative to creating an NPC would be to reach out to current members by posting a request to our Thread Requests & Plotting forum to gauge interest. If you haven't already, you could also join our chat and meet new people there, too!

Zaahira al-Ghul Wrote:Also, would it be unreasonable to have a golden jackal operate in a Bedouin-like tribe and herd goats or camels? They would have traveled as just one family unit most of the time. Would any of this be too contradictory toward the golden jackal's natural habits? I figure herding and the luperci virus could offer them more resources to group together, even if they don't naturally do so -- since they are more likely to travel in packs when there's plentiful resources.
Traveling in family units would probably be just fine, so long as they aren't too large or powerful. It's been many generations now since the Luperci gene was introduced to the Canis genus, and a lot has changed -- both culturally and biologically -- that would likely allow for differences in how the "natural" golden jackals might have lived in the time before Luperci.

Regarding the animals they could herd: depending on where this tribe would be, the animals would need to be native to that area. Goats would be fine here in Canada, but camels would not. Shy
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