golden jackals in souls (+ doctors and diseases)
As far as walking through the snow -- yeah, smaller paws might fall through the crust since they don't have the furry "snowshoe" paws, so she might plop down into deep snow, but this wouldn't be much of an issue if she was in her taller Secui or Optime forms. Shy In Optime, it would be the same as a human traversing it -- annoying, but not impossible in all but the deepest snowdrifts! It's also worth noting that a horse would also be disadvantaged in said deep snowdrifts, so having a mount isn't necessarily a free pass.

Song and Mandi have basically covered everything else! Just keep in mind what types of protection your jackal might need from the cold and moisture. I have a jackal character who wraps her paws with hide to prevent frostbite, for example, in addition to wearing warm clothing to compensate for her thinner pelt.
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