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In the misty morning air he stood, the pale cream of his underbelly cutting through the gloom. The moors were always eerie but under the shadow of the thick aerosol, the effect was magnified. What slight breeze existed ruffled the boy's curly coat and lifted the tips of his dark tipped low lying ears. Jade eyes narrowed at the figure approaching the distance, the expression he wore was wary and his pale fingers and dark knuckles paused upon the knife he held. The water trickled silently past the deft blade, washing the crimson stain from its uneven surface. Steadily the figure drew near enough to be visible through the white mist and jade eyes softened in relief once the ruby eyes of his Uncle broke through. With a sigh, he continued his work, it didn't take long for the blade to lose all trace of its crime and soon enough it was left unceremoniously on the bank of the creek while Baptiste attempted to scrub similar stains from his digits.

'Simone.' The drop-eared dog sounded out, his eyes trained on the task at hand as opposed to the elder male. He didn't speak further, silence said enough.

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