[P] Those Magic Changes (My Heart Arranges)
P. Moon Moon Damaichu & Mads Ibsen

Febuary 5, 2019 | Morning | Word Count: 1,134

Thoughts. Speech.


Riddle Damaichu was having a rough day.

The young girl was usually very cheerful. She had no reason to be unhappy. She had a wonderful (if a bit odd) family, a roof under her head, and tons of coast to explore. Yet, here she was, hiding from her family absolutely miserable.

Up to this point in her life, Riddle had stayed relatively similar in size to her sister. It looked as if the two girls would grow to a similar size as their mother, Moon. That is until a couple weeks ago.

At first, Riddle hadn’t noticed, to busy with the excitement of winter and playing games with her sister. Sure, she had become a bit more clumsy. Often tripping over her increasingly bigger paws and finding it hard to squeeze into previously roomy hiding places. The few inches she was gaining over Harley hadn’t been much of a concern to her, not when there was exploring to do!

It wasn’t till a little over a week ago that Riddle began noticing how tall she was getting. With each passing day, her body grew more and more. With Riddle’s awareness came with more physical blunders as she tried to navigate the world through a larger lens. It seemed with every other step she took, she would trip over her too-long limbs.

She just didn’t understand why. She knew she was getting close to six months, a big month for Luperci. Her parents (mostly her Da) had explained shifting, but they hadn’t said anything about this weird growth spurt! Not only did it make her limbs ache, no, but her sense of balance was also completely thrown off. It was like learning to walk all over again!

The past week, she had taken to waking up before her family, too embarrassed by her odd growth spurt to really see them much. Though, her self-imposed solitude did lead to a nice discovery. On the Coast, Riddle had found her own little hideaway. It was perfect and was such a relief to get used to her growing body in peace. Over the past week, Riddle had found all sorts of treasure, including a special Bag of Tiny Shapes that she adored. The young growing girl took advantage of the rough terrain on the coast to train her body to accommodate the new height. For the majority of the days, Riddle came home smelling of the sea and covered in sand. But today, officially six months old, she was determined to celebrate with her family.

She had gotten up early, just to get some extra practice at the beach, nervous about making a fool of herself. She didn’t use to worry about that. Not with a mom like hers. But this growth spurt had made her very self-conscious about her body.

But Riddle Damaichu was not one to hide away forever. So as the sun began to rise, she headed back to her family’s home. As she approached the house, excitement overcame her as she saw her beloved sister outside. While it had only been a week, she had missed Harley dearly. Letting the excitement overtake her, Riddle rushed down the hill.

“Harley!” Riddle cried out to her sister, “Happy Birthday-” Riddle was cut off as her long legs got tangled up in each other. Yelping, Riddle tumbled painfully down the rest of the hill, coming to a stop at the paws of her sister. The tan Wolfdog winced and looked up into the concerned grey eyes of her sister.

"Riddle, are you okay?" Harley asked, walking to the side of Riddle to help her up. With her sister's help, Riddle stood shakingly next to her sister. The difference in height between the two more pronounced now as she leaned on Harley. The tan Wolfdog's tail tucked tightly to her side as she took a few steps away, beyond embarrassed with her tumble.

"I'm f-fine." Riddle mumbled turning her face away, retreating a few more steps back from the worried expression on Harley's face.

Ugh, I'm such an embarrassment. I can't even go down a stupid hill. Stupid legs. Stupid weird growth spurt!

"Hey, what's the matter, Riddle?"Harley asked, more concerned now at the way Riddle uncharacteristically shrunk back.

"It's nothing. I-I gotta go." Riddle mumbled quickly. Feeling her eyes moistening, Riddle turned and sprinted back up the hill, back towards the sanctuary of the coast. Harley cried her name out in alarm, but Riddle ignored it and just kept running. She ran as fast as she could, but even with her long legs, she wasn’t going fast enough to escape the self-deprecating thoughts still swirling around in her head.

I need to get away. Why can't I run faster? These stupid legs! Run faster!

The distressed young girl’s thoughts raced inside her head. Embarrassed and upset, Riddle ran blindly to the comfort of the sea, not noticing her slowly lengthening stride. As she neared the rocky terrain near her hideaway, she stumbled on a loose rock and tumbled painfully once again into the ground. Riddle winced and glanced around her, spotting a large rock that would hide even her tall form. Riddle picked herself up of the ground and headed towards the temporary shelter. The bruised girl slumped on the ground, curled her tail miserably around herself and tucked her head into her side, holding back the sobs that wanted to escape.

God, I’m such an embarrassment. Why can't I just be normal?

Lost in her spiraling thoughts as she was, Riddle didn’t notice her changing form. The lanky, tan Wolfdog was slowly shifting.

Her limbs grew even longer, stretching and cracking to accommodate a bipedal form. Her front paws lengthened into digits that could be used to craft all sorts of interesting sculptures from her newly acquired treasures. Brown hair, thick and curling, sprouted from her head, growing until it covered a majority of her face and trailed down her back. The young girl had doubled in size, surely reaching above six feet if she stood up.

Though Riddle barely noticed the new discomfort. She had felt uncomfortable all week long and so the feeling was nothing new to her. Especially since currently she trying to pull herself back together.

Come on, Riddle. Are you a Damaichu or not? You need to get up and go back home. Harley must be worried sick about you.

Riddle remained curled up. She just couldn't bring herself to move from her position curled tightly against the slightly salty and wet rock.

I wish the ocean would come and swallow me up.

Riddle buried her face in her new hands, letting out a loud and strangled cry at the thought, curling up even tighter. A poor attempt at comforting herself.

Yeah, Riddle Damaichu was not having a very good day.

Riddle Damaichu
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