[DND] Spill the T

OOC :: Dated June 17th.
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Nayavota limped through the town square, her cloak billowing in the summer breeze. She resisted the urge to hold her stomach as she walked; she didn’t want to bring any more attention to it than necessary, especially after Howland’s pointed look at the front gate. Nayavota wasn’t scared of being pregnant anymore—or of her packmates finding out—but she wanted to take her time sharing the good news.

The pale Officer turned toward Cedric’s house and smiled. She limped up to his door, her walking stick tap-tap-tapping against the wooden stairs as she walked. Naya wasn’t quite sure how her milk-siblings would react, but she knew they’d be happy for her. A bit nervous, maybe, but happy. She opened her mouth to call for her brother, but the sound of footsteps stopped her.

Nayavota laughed in surprise as Cidro ran up to her, a toothy grin on his dark muzzle. He was giddy with excitement as he told her not to freak, and she was half-tempted to say the same to him. She tried to speak, to ask him what was going on, but it all came tumbling out before she got the chance. Oh. Oh. Naya froze for a few seconds, her ears folding backward reflexively at his questions.

The silver Officer pressed a hand to her swollen stomach and resisted the urge to step away from Cidro. Anyone who gave Naya more than a passing glance could tell she was pregnant, at least up close, but she still wasn’t used to the attention. ”It’s okay. A moon and a half, I tink,” she said, avoiding his first question altogether. After another few seconds, she sighed and reached for Cidro’s hands. They were delicate, but stronger than the last time she’d held them; she supposed that described the young man as a whole, too.

”Be gentle,” Nayavota said, placing Cidro’s hands against her stomach, ”I just ate, and I’m still queasy every time da wind blows da wrong way.” It wasn’t far from the truth, either; her nausea was getting better overall, but she still had to be careful after eating. ”Do you know when Cedric will be back? I need to tell him, too.” Naya had been avoiding the Fort as much as possible over the past half moon, and she wanted to tell all her family and friends before she left for Mistfell Vale.

The thought was nerve-wracking, but it couldn’t be any worse than hiding her pregnancy for the past moon.

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