Canoeing With A One-Armed Character
Firstly, I want to apologize for the bit of mess I've made with this being mentioned in so many of my threads.

My character, Shale, uses a dugout canoe to get around. She has only one arm, and I completely forgot about this until I was going back and editing posts, realizing how hard it would be to paddle with only one arm. I was wondering if it was possible for her to hold her paddle's stick in her jaws for extra support, or use a bent, modified paddle with a harness for support like the One-Armed Freedom Paddle? The harness would be made out of leather and metal, attaching the paddle to one shoulder to help brace is, and the paddle is just a paddle modified to have a bent pole for better support.

This is the Freedom Paddle: [x]

If this doesn't fit 'Souls, I will go back and edit every thread so far that mentions Shale canoeing and edit it out.

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