[P] Daring is Not Safe Against Daring Men

In the shade of a copper tree, leaves stolen of their life as the impending winter threatened at the edges of the world, stood a single shadow. Stone still against the frigid wind was her body, the snapping of the fabric in her skirt and the tangled wash of coal threads that painted the frame of her features. Eyes, golden, glowed menacingly in her silence. Despite the warm of their hue, her gaze was cold. Detached. Unnatural. As if death itself had touched her, yet still she breathed.

The glisten of the hilt corded to her waist glittered. A glittering signal into the expanse that wasn't a boundary she was allowed to cross, but not through the means of territory, but by way of permission.

Wait beyond the borders. It may take time, but she will come.

Achsah waited for days. No fire to light her night or warm her bones, leaving post only with the rare Salsolan came to pass upon their boundaries and guard their own. Achsah wasn't here for war. No. There was a deeper purpose to it all.

She will come.

Dark arms crossed as she stood at attention, her back to the tree that made her station. Green folds of fabric decorated her wrists, tattered shears torn from the covering on her chest. Tribal-like attire didn't do much by way of the cold, but she was a wolf born of temperatures of the north. Only on the cliffside, by that fire so long ago, did she shiver. Not since her mother had abandoned her by way of faith. Not long before her brother crossed their god.

Their god.

Though rather than ponder the past nor the future, Achsah's mind and eyes remained static to the present. Watchful. Wary and waiting.

She will come.

She will come with full hands. Depending on her ability, she would come in silence or a hurry, but she would come. Her father would not make such a vital deal with a flake, and within herself, in the darkest corners of her heart, she hungered to see the eyes of his new infatuation. Maybe then, the night wouldn't be lit so brightly by the moon.

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