[P] Will you still love me when my heartbeat stops
OOC: Backdated to about a week after Sedona's attack. WC: 655

IC: It'd not even been that long and already she was growing restless having to stay laying low and bedridden like this. The pain was still fresh, the wounds still required daily treating, but the time spent bored and useless, being doted upon by the ever watchful, ever caring pack healer, Karria was grating on Sedona's nerves. Everyone who knew her, knew that the Whitesage woman was not one to be idle for long. And even being wounded didn't keep her from wanting to be up and doing things. But she was under strict orders from the elder wolfess to stay off her injured leg and allow her face time to scar up.

Her face was honestly the most difficult part of the aftermath of the attack to accept. She couldn't turn her head or make any sort of expression without the wounds pulling and stinging. She had been very lucky not to have lost her eye when Shaamah had swiped at her. If only she had been able to inflict some kind of retaliatory damage upon him... Sighing, Sedona re-positioned on the pile of furs that was her bed. While she was recovering, she was not sharing it with Sineria, not wanting to accidentally bump into him and cause more pain, or wipe the medicinal, herbal salves off the open cuts into his fur. It was true also that, Sineria's anxiety over the situation was driving both Karria and Sedona nuts. Karria had ordered the young man out of the house for a bit to blow off some steam.

Now alone with just her dozing caretaker in the other room, the Whitesage woman succumbed to loneliness and boredom and the swirling thoughts in her head. The attack had impacted her pretty badly, leaving her confidence in her abilities shattered. She felt weak and powerless, and wanted nothing more than to prove her worth again. She needed to learn to fight and to continue to show her pack that she was strong, not be moping around like this. Growling softly, still bandaged and slathered with ointments to help aid her healing process, Sedona reached for the staff Karria had left for her at the bedside to assist her in walking about the house. Carefully, quietly, and with effort, the Whitesage woman managed to wobble her way to her paws and to the front door without disturbing the slumbering healer.

She'd had enough of being cooped up indoors. She wanted to go outside. See what was going on in the real world. Her injured leg shook from the depth of the slice to her thigh and it angered her to know that she might not even walk right on that leg again. She bit back tears that started to form in her eyes as she wondered if it would impact her ability to ride properly again as well. She couldn't dwell on that thought for long or she'd become a sobbing wreck. Right now, just walking was a challenge enough. For now she was going to focus on that. Pushing the front door open, the cowgirl glanced back into the other room at Karria one last time before hobbling slowly out into the cool evening air. She knew that she would get an earful for disobeying the other woman's orders, but she needed this.

Frowning, Sedona tried to make her way over to an old stone bench that was just out front of her home. It was a nice place to sit and watch the world go by. But as the cowgirl made to step from the porch, a patch of ice caused her to slip and lose her balance, the staff she was using to support her going one way while she slid the other. With a yelp and a curse, Sedona started to go down, clutching at the cold railing of the porch, desperately trying to keep from landing on the ground all the way...
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