[P] oh, but where has thou gone?
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I just want to hold you

His words were kind. He was sweet, in a sort of little brother kind of way. Carya watched him with intense eyes, and she flickered a white tail, before running a white paw over her white dappled face. He removed his hat, and had straightened his clothes, and the Aston female found herself staring, because suddenly he went from little brother persona to damn boi, you hawt. Blinking her blue eyes, she dragged her eyes away from him. Well almost. Catching a few more glances from her peripheral. Glancing away at the last minute, she cleared her throat to herself flickering a gaze over all his valuables.

It had been way too long since Carya had lain with another man, let alone watched him as his shoulders and muscles twitched under his thicker fur. Her eyes drug up to his face, and she gave him a small smile as she swallowed down the flirtatious comment she felt herself daring to say. Right. Yeah, that should work. She blinked, and then clasped her hands fingering the book of hers and picking it up to hand it towards him. If you're interested at all, they're my Gods. I can give a brief over-view. Perhaps you will listen and give me company?

Carya was just plain lonely, is what it boiled down to.

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