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Quote:dated for 2/27/2020, Carya and them started out by Jordeheim and are traveling to the Haunted Forest (which is old Inferni territory) preferably to let Nyx and Lukos post first! <3
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It took several more days, a week even. Until Nyx and Lukos had returned from their adventure to go find Aani. The kind female had taken it upon herself to see to it that the injured and distraught Aston, was taken care of. Nyx made it known that she would come back and let her know of the were-abouts of the Aston’s pup. While the Aston often days paced back and forth, she couldn’t help what she thought.

Traitors. She thought once, her blue eyes staring at the wall while she waited.

No, that wasn’t right. Carya was irrational and irate. She ate, and slept and ate and slept. For six days and seven nights. On the morning of the seventh day, she could see the forms of the duo coming into view. Practically throwing her bowl of soup that was made by someone whom name she had forgotten. She looked towards the other wolves whom seemed to pass by her in slow motion, as she rose to her white and tan feet. Quickly, and gracefully, Carya approached the couple.

They weren’t smiling. Oh Gods no, not Aani. What had happened? What did they find? She was in her own mind, she missed the words that Nyx spoke to her, partially. Her eyes went wide and her heart pounded. Then as if she was swallowing hot lava, and her stomach ached, she paused. Frozen solid, she lifted a hand towards the little female.

Wait, what? Had she understood the duo correctly? She cocked a head to one side, left eyebrow raising and her ear flickered backwards. You found her? Nyx smiled then, she looked so tired.

Oh thank the Gods. She hit her knees, and tears fell from her face. Aani is alive. Thank you Thor. Thank you Odin. Thank you all my Gods and Goddesses. Nyx seemed happy for her, or maybe it was a small hint of sadness that drew on her face, that drew Carya from her relief and looking up towards the little female. S-she’s he-headed towards the ha-haunted forest. Her eyes seemed dark, like Aani wasn’t in the best shape. Like she was hurt.

Ignoring the look, she simply asked; When do we leave? The duo were talking, but Carya didn’t hear them. She was too busy gathering up supplies. Lukos and Nyx explained that they would leave after they rested at first light. Carya nodded her head, but was bound and determined to leave now.

For fuck’s sake this was her child they were talking about.

Instead, she nodded her head. Retiring to her room she was given from the nice couple and their family, she didn’t rest. Closing her eyes, she envisioned herself slashing a hole in the bastards neck, and gutting him from groin to sternum. He had hurt her daughter. She could feel it.


Awakening at first light, Carya didn’t even remember passing out. She cleared her throat, grabbed her bow, her pack, and her hunting knife, and approached Nyx and Lukos finding them already getting ready. They were leaving now, and heading towards the Haunted Forest. Once Inferni’s lands. Normally she would have shuddered at the thought of this, but not now. Not whenever her daughter’s life was on the line.

For Aani, and for my family. She thought to herself, looking towards the duo, as they began their trek in complete silence. Or at least to Carya it was complete silence. If they said anything to her, she simply nodded her head and kept the pace. She knew exactly where she was going to, knew exactly where Inferni’s old lands were. After all, it wasn’t just yesterday she was born. But Why Aani? She kept thinking to herself. Then again, why did Judas kidnap her all those years ago?

They had left at day break that morning, and had been walking for almost 8 hours. Every so often they would slow down and nibble on something and drink water, but the Aston’s mind was else-where. She couldn’t concentrate right now. Her entire being was set on one mission. Saving Aani and making the poor bastard responsible for this pay.

She felt the eerie feeling of approaching the Haunted Forest, before she even noticed the smells of death, ashes and decay. Stomach churning, she silently watched and took off on her own, her nose leading the way. Carya wasn’t a good enough tracker to track at night, as her vision was going with her old age, but her nostrils flared at the smell of blood. And lots of it. Then there was Aani's scent.

Upon approaching she hunkered in a bush watching the flickering fire. The scent of her daughter was so strong. So was the scent of blood. Her daughter was lying there, muzzle tied, eyes swollen with blood, and hands tied behind her back as the male whom she assumed wasn’t the captor, forced himself onto her. He was too scrawny, beady black eyes and mangy fur, the full coyote was deranged looking, and his scent smelled nothing like that of the day her daughter went missing. She watched, eyes wide and her mouth agape, until he finished, pushing his daughter’s face into the dirt and laughing at her. Drawing a fist back he hit her again. Her eyes shutting tightly and she didn’t make a sound, not giving him the satisfaction of her pain.

Looking away, Carya silently gasped, and looked for the couple. Where were they so they could do something? Why hadn't she moved? She wanted to kill him, her ears flickered on her skull as Judas' actions towards her flew back in her mind. Carya was frozen in fear and intimidation. Something needed to be done. Anything! His cackling in the background and the way he put his bulge away in his pants, angered Carya and she finally moved. Not my baby, you sick bastard. They needed to do this smart. She steadied her bow, and notched an arrow in the string, taking a few steps forwards. This bastard would die.

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