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It occurred to him, suddenly, that sometimes his cautionary advice was very much warranted. And embarrassed as he was, this was no reason not to describe to Fennore that the flowers could have so strong an effect. Yet it came as an afterthought, when she already approached one of the flowers, coming within arm’s reach from it. He remembered the effect they had on him. It wasn’t unpleasant, at least if one was at peace with a brief loss of finer control. With a sweet intoxicating drift of thought in unpredictable directions.

“Fennore, I…” No doubt as he set out to speak again, there was some warning intended for her, a belated piece of advice regarding the flowers. Don’t breathe so deep without getting used to the scent. Don’t wander towards them carelessly until you’re sure the more blinding part of euphoria has passed. Don’t touch them, especially not with your muzzle. Namely all of the things she just did right before his watchful eyes. He could at least talk to her now. Warn her to stand by him, admire them with some degree of caution.

And then he saw her smile.

The breath caught in his throat, then exited soundlessly if only to avoid suffocating himself. There it was, the daydream from the time he visited this place with Willow. Only now it was so very real and tangible. Those lilac eyes were truly looking at him, she was here among the vivid flowers. The smell, no, smells, tingled his nose, intermingling – a siren song made into aroma. He checked if he was still breathing. He swallowed to make his tongue and throat co-operate to let him form words. For all those things, he still couldn’t tell if it was he who had walked closer to her, or else she’d approached him and he somehow missed it.

He just knew the flowers were suddenly closer. And so was Fennore.

His tone was soft when he finally put his ability to talk to the test. “Are they to your liking?” No, wait, that wasn’t what he meant to say, was it? Did he not just remind himself to warn her? The flowers were making his mind drift again. Having experienced it once, he could at least pin it down and try to chase down escaping thoughts. Having experienced it once was not nearly enough to start mixing it with the smell of a female in heat.

“Their smell is… quite strong.” Good, he’s managed to find some backdoor to the subject at hand. He pushed the thought onward, but couldn’t muster any urgency to strengthen his tone with. “Take care not to be overwhelmed by it.”

And why was he so worried? It is not as though the smell could make one do anything drastic. At least he either couldn't imagine, or else recklessly pretended to be unable to imagine it. Becoming distracted was possible, but then, was that not what they coveted now? Of course, before finding out about her state, he thought merely to introduce her to a beautiful sight, but if it served as a desirable diversion, surely there was no harm? So he left his suggestions at those already spoken in a tender tone, vowing in his mind to wrestle control from the fragrant pollen-induced glamour should a direr need arise.

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