Poor helpless noob seeking guidance

I've just had my 'Souls joining application accepted, which I'm really excited and happy about, but I'm just really unsure at the moment how exactly to go about getting started playing. I would like to join a pack, ideally Mistfell Vale; on my joining form I stated that I wanted to join IC, and I had read in the 'joining equitette' page that I should simply start an IC thread in the Mistfell Vale forum, but I am still a little hesitant because I can't seem to find any examples anywhere of anyone else joining a pack in-character; do I literally just jump right in with a thread describing my character waiting at the territory border?

Secondly, after I join a pack, am I just free to interact with any open thread, regardless of whether my character knows anyone else or not? Or do I have to respond to a thread request first instead? I'm assuming that after I join a pack, my character will be at the very bottom of the pack hierarchy; will she be permitted to talk to just anybody, and does she still need to be very submissive towards others? Will other characters know what rank she is, and vice versa? She's also non-Luperci (I'd be interested in having her become a Luperci at some point, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it for now); is she able to talk to Luperci?

I'm sorry if this all seems really obvious or if it's already written down somewhere I didn't look at, I have been roleplaying for a little while now but all my previous experience has been in quite basic, entire-world-and-story-in-one-thread kind of plots, this is my first time playing something this in-depth and if anyone could just give me a quick run-down of how to get up and running, I'd be really really grateful. Smile

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