Current Board NPCs

Current Board NPCs

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Board NPCs are available for use by all players provided that the scenarios for their use are in line with any designated board-wide events or plots.

bNPCs CANNOT be physically harmed, killed, or stolen from without permission from the 'Souls Assemblage.

Have a thread with these NPCs? Add threads to their respective Wiki thread logs so we can keep track of their adventures!

Strangers from the Sea

In early November 2020, the Double Down, a small ship from Savannah, Georgia, docks in Mersey Cove. Its crew of six set up camp and spent a year and a half building up a small settlement named Oglethorpe and trading with locals. In spring 2022, however, due to their isolation from and the lack of general interest from nearby packs, a majority of the settlement decided to move on. For now, only three remain.

Current Settlement

Name: Finn McGuff
Species: Dog mutt with a smidgen of coywolf
Age: 4
Sex: Male
Trade: Warrior, fighter
Personality: Sullen and serious in the wake of the crew's departure from Oglethorpe. Even more dedicated to his job as protector.
Current Notes: Finn considers protecting the remainder of Oglethorpe his foremost duty and will not stand for safety to be a reason the settlement falls apart entirely. Very attentive and keen.

Name: Dawnsong Pembroke
Species: Hybrid
Age: 4
Sex: Female
Trade: Healer, plant expert
Personality: Shy, self-conscious, wary of strangers; very obsessed with the idea that plants can be medicine
Current Notes: Generally keeps to herself and prefers to do her own research and experimentation, but can become alert and engaging if the other party requires medical attention or seems to share her interests.

Name: Hurricane Cardiff
Species: Hybrid
Age: 10
Sex: Male
Trade: Jack-of-all trades dabbler, teacher
Personality: Sarcastic, but good-humored, always eager to learn. Cares a lot about others and helping others learn and grow.
Current Notes: An eager teacher and learner, happy to pass on what he knows as a way to support the remainder of his crew.

Trade & Service Opportunities

As a tiny settlement, Oglethorpe isn't exactly a bustling trading hub, but visitors and passersby are generally welcomed to trade if they're interested, and Hurricane in particular is eager to give lessons in his many fields-of-interest -- for a price, of course.

Goods Seeking
  • Luperci-made books about the area’s flora/fauna
  • Luperci-made books in general
  • Luperci-made weaponry or tools -- especially rope and leather
  • Luperci-made glues, sealants, and other useful mixtures

Goods & Services Available
  • Lots of furs and hides
  • Waterskins and canteens
  • Axes and blunt weapons
  • Soothing/cooling salves
  • Various jewelry
  • Various assorted trinkets (items obtained from other trades)
  • Minor to mild healing tasks, including setting bones, making splints and slings, treating flesh wounds and burns (by Dawnsong)
  • Introductory lesson in sewing/mending (by Hurricane)
  • Introductory lesson in woodcarving (by Hurricane)
  • Introductory lesson in shore fishing & crabbing (by Hurricane)
  • Introductory lesson in navigation & mapmaking (by Hurricane)

Scenarios and proposals for trade can be requested with the following form. If approved, these trades don't need to be roleplayed explicitly (though players are certainly welcomed to!) and can be assumed to have happened.

[b]Character(s) involved:[/b] can be played characters or another type of NPC
[b]bNPC(s) involved:[/b]
[b]Item(s) to trade:[/b]
[b]Item(s)/services desired:[/b]
[b]Approx date:[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b] e.g. any other interactions you want to assume to have happened between the involved characters, such as bNPCs telling PCs about themselves or their origins


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