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Messengers for Hire

Messenger bNPCs are free for players to use. No permission need be sought, but please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Log all use of messengers on the Wiki to maintain good records and to prevent weird timeline overlaps! (If you need help with the Wiki, you can PM us with the requisite info and we'll add it!)
  • All messengers require full, upfront payment for their services.
  • Messengers do not need to be used only for delivering messages -- if your character wants to randomly run into them, learn about their trade, etc, that's fine!
  • Messengers working a job can be interrupted by others while they're en route to their destination; however, they must be allowed to continue on their job. (E.g. if Messenger is running a message from Wolf to Coyote, it's permissible for Dog to have a random thread with Messenger while they are carrying the message, but Dog cannot hire Messenger until Messenger completes their in progress job, and Dog cannot prevent Messenger from continuing their quest. If Dog wants to bribe info out of Messenger, Dog's player must have permission from Wolf and Coyote's players!)
  • Messengers cannot be seriously injured or killed without permission, but you can rough them up a bit if you want.

Remember to be realistic with regard to travel times and traded items. Whether these bNPCs accept your trades or successfully deliver your messages is up to you, but they will try their best!

Current Messengers

Name: Robin Chrysanthemum
Sex: Male
Age: 2
Species: Wolfdog
Appearance: White wolfhound, pretty big, very shaggy, bright green eyes
Home base: Miramichi Valley, but wanders around often and actively solicits his services

Description: Robin is here to deliver your messages! Whether that's in the form of a letter or a memorized dictation, Robin is here for you! Though he doesn't exactly radiate "reliable," Robin is actually quite reliable, thank you! He has an excellent memory and is very quick on his feet. He will outrun those who might want to stop his messages from being delivered! His clients' privacy is important to him too! No one can bribe secure messages out of him! Probably!

Notes: Very friendly and eager. Tail waggin' all the time. Talks very quickly and uses too many words when a few words would do. Uses large or difficult words incorrectly, but never notices or corrects himself. Robin is usually in his Lupus form and wears a small leather satchel around his neck where clients can place letters. A slightly larger bag hangs around his chest for his personal items and goods. He will shift into Optime form to handle goods when necessary.

Price: 1 "worth" per day's travel. The following are items he desires and his personally assigned "worth" for each.
  • 1 worth: 3oz tree sap, 1 day's travel food, 1 fresh chicken or rabbit (he is gonna eat it)
  • 2 worth: 3 good quality fishing hooks, 5 yards of thin string or fine rope, 3oz honey
  • 3 worth: 1 fresh meal of veal or lamb, 1 leather sheet/"tarp" (for shelter), 1 strong rope net
  • 5 worth: Luperci-made small tool of good quality (knives, specialty tools like sewing or knitting needles), high-clarity gemstone (he's got a discerning eye! don't try to trick him with fakes!)
  • 7-10 worth: Luperci-made garment (prefers more fashionable than functional)

Name: Delilah "Dirt" Sorrowgrass
Sex: Female
Age: 5
Species: Dog (St. Bernard mix)
Appearance: Big, intimidating, massive jowls, thick coat hides some scars, brown eyes
Home base: Halifax, but prefers to move continuously from one assignment to the next

Description: Dirt is a very dedicated, no-nonsense messenger who keeps herself and her messages safe with intimidation and brute force. She's not particularly fast, but she is certainly reliable and keeps to her word. Cannot be bribed.

Notes: Does not speak more than necessary and communicates in gestures when possible (nodding, shaking head, etc). Will only deliver short messages verbally, requires a written document for anything longer than two sentences. Refuses to deliver threats. Prefers Secui form when traveling and Optime form otherwise. Wears a large leather backpack in all forms.

Price: 1 "worth" per day's travel. The following are items she desires and her personally assigned "worth" for each.
  • 1 worth: 3oz common medical tincture or salve, 2 day's travel food
  • 2 worth: 3oz uncommon medical tincture or salve, 1 meal of food delicacy (pickled vegetables, pickled/fermented meat, other weird stuff, as long as it doesn't make her sick)
  • 3 worth: 1 leather sheet/"tarp" (for shelter), 1 strong rope net
  • 5 worth: Luperci-made woolen goods (scarves, blankets, sweaters)

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