I'm planning to join with a very specific character set-up...
...and would, of course, like to hear your criticisms/suggestions, as I'm not sure if I'm breaking any rules.
Here are the ideas that I'd like to be checked;

A ship which departed from a dock in what was once the country of Montenegro was beached on the coast of Shiloh hills. While this was intended to be a one-way journey from the beginning, getting stranded away from any major docks left many passengers... disgruntled. The captain of course doesn't care one bit for their feelings, being old and stubborn and having declared herself retired the moment they hit land. Now a small commune of all sorts of foreign canids and other animals has popped up in the area. A kind of diaspora.

My starting PC is the first one to head deeper into the Souls territory. She's a Šarplaninac and a lupeci vetro. She's a kind of opportunistic sleazeball looking to benefit herself and her ego. Also kind of dumb. 
There's a bit of anatomical issue with her non-Lupus forms; 
  • Instead of getting bulkier, her secui form is tall and lanky. The mass is there, but it's distributed in a concerning manner. She's got back pains and a slight limp in that form, but the claws, thick fur and large paws are still there. 
  • Her optime form, meanwhile, is somewhat monkey-like. Digitigrade and bipdeal, but her arms and fingers are disproportionately long and her stance is naturally hunched. She's also not blessed with much of a mane. Permanent butch haircut for her.

She's accompanied by a non-lupeci dog of the same breed, a real mountain of fur and muscle. He's her adoptive brother of sorts, in that years ago, she met him and declared him her brother without his consent. He's also kind of dumb and mean, but she talks enough for both of them. He's mostly there to position himself and his mass in-between her and any trouble she gets herself into.

Neither of them speak a lick of English.

There's also an eventual third member of their party, my PC's ortus nephew. His aunt and sort-of-uncle left him behind but he should eventually join them. He's a moody, edgy teenager whose optime form has got the most dashing raven hair. He often poses dramatically against the wind with it. Also kind of dumb.

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