I'm planning to join with a very specific character set-up...
Quote:A ship making a nonstop journey from Montenegro to Nova Scotia is a bit iffy just due to the length of the journey and necessary supplies. The flight distance for this journey would be 6,373 km, so the sea route would be considerably longer since they need to make it out of the Mediterranean Sea and through Gibraltar. Let's round up to 7000 km. 

The types of vessels Luperci would be using to sail would probably average 4 and 6 knots over open water, and 3 to 4 knots while working through islands or along coasts (source). 4 knots is 7.4 kph, so 945 hours to go 7000 km, so 40 days of non-stop sailing assuming no difficulties at sea, which is unlikely. 50-60 days is probably more likely, and keeping 2 months of provisions for however many passengers and crew is a lot to pre-stock.

This is why we recommend multiple, shorter journeys.
Oh I though this went without saying, but the ship did stop in ports before reaching the Souls territories. They hit the Portugal port where they restocked and then headed for Maine. Bad weather forced them to change course for Freetown, hoping the port had been repaired. It wasn't. With nowhere to go they tried to head south, but the storm was at their tails. Rather than risk loss of life the captain beached her ship, miles and miles away from the main port. They left MNE early morning of May 7th and were stranded in the early hours of August 13th. My PC left their village in late August and made her way north towards the Souls territories in early September.

The ship itself is large and primitive, having been manned by four crewmembers. It had room for many travel ratios + eight canid passengers from the original port + two non-edible sheep, one of which provided milk. It picked up another five passengers in Portugal, but two of them + one crew member were lost at sea. Those passengers brought their own provisions and a couple trinkets for the captain, so the food situation only got dire in the last ten days of travel.

Quote:This would not be allowed since Shiloh Hills is part of Playable Territories. Beaching a ship there would mean all of its crew and passengers are introduced (as NPCs) into territories, especially if they establish a community. This is the case even if you only refer to them generally in posts -- they can't exist on-board officially without being NPCs.

The nearest place off-board for this ship to land is probably northern Maine, where there are several existing player and staff-made communities. It's fine to add your own to the mix, though it may be more realistic for ship passengers to integrate into an existing community than establish a totally new one, depending on where precisely they land.

I had so many tabs with so many maps open I got lost and confused. I though that area was outside of the playzone. Yes, I think they could end up somewhere in Maine. The shipwreck itself is a day or so on horseback away from any settlements, but some passengers could have left to seek out the places they were originally headed for. Others formed a tiny village a few miles from the wreckage as they had nowhere else to go. It's obviously a fresh commune and the canids there survive by hunting and foraging. The wreck itself is now the elderly captain's lair and she's chilling there being tended to by a crewmate.

Quote:This seems to go against the breed's general physical traits, which are large and bulky. Secui and Optime forms should largely match characteristics of the Lupus form; the main difference for most breeds/species is "size equalisation" in Optime form, which minimises the difference in Optime size between species/breeds of varying Lupus sizes. For example, if a coyote is half the size of a wolf in Lupus form, it would not be half the size of a wolf in Optime form.

Getting longer limbs in Optime when the Lupus form is relatively compact doesn't make a ton of sense, imo. The other aspects, such as lack of mane, are fine though.

See, my idea was that her two forms are a bit mutated but I understand if that's not allowed, I'll settle for regular beastly and anthro forms.

Btw, could a character's health be affected by changing forms? Like wounds sustained and healed in one form reopening when switching to another, or healed bones breaking again? And would something like wobblers syndrome or various inherent disabilities carry over to other forms?

Thank you for your answers Shy
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