[P] [M] Fathers and Sons
[size=75]Permission to powerplay Andrez granted by Jace.]

A hand reached for Boone’s wrist and Andrew held tightly.

He looked at his boy in earnest. Boone was no child any more. Instead, he was but an angry, embittered man. Andrew could not help but feel himself to blame for this mercurial streak. In his own absence, he could not be the guiding hand that Boone had clearly needed. The guilt weighed heavy.

You’re not going without me,” Andrew affirmed. His voice dropped into a whisper. “Not with him.” Andrew’s wary gaze fell on Andrez, the Del Mar boy who Boone had decided would accompany him on this final mission. There was a nervous energy about him. Andrew didn’t quite trust it.

Boone wrenched his wrist away and sneered. Yet, Andrew could see understanding in his eyes -- even if he dared not show it consciously.

[/i]”  Boone relented.

ANDREZ,” Boone called, readying his bow. The Del Mar boy perked up and looked to the comandante. “Ready up. We’re moving.”

The air was wet with fog, but Andrew could smell the acrid scent of flame. The war band had made their move, allowing Boone, Andrez, and he the opportunity to slip carefully through enemy lines.

He was caked in mud from toe to tip -- all three had covered themselves with earth to mask their scents. They had settled upon a strategic ridge, and in the clearing below, Andrew could see dark shapes moving through the fog.

What do you see?” Andrew asked as Boone strained to get a better glimpse at the shadows down range.


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