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Gaucho Occupation Wrote:Help another pack member with an unruly animal - break and train a horse, birth a nervous sheep, or wrestle a stubborn bovine; sometimes animal husbandry is harder than it looks!
Location: Broke-Leg Marsh || NPCs: Amadahy || Form: Optime

Delicate layers of hoarfrost glinted in the weak morning light, transforming the drab hues of the late-season landscape into something that could have been beautiful if the world wasn't so dead. But the sunlight, feeble as it was, would eventually melt away the fragile frost and winter, as always, promised to keep up its fight.

It was a tale as old as time.

The cold closed in around her when she had slipped out of the Old Charmingtown Mill and Rafaela Tejada gave her lean body a hearty shake. And then she began to walk. Clouds of breath dispersed in the frosty morning air, puffing out and up like a chugging train, while dead grasses and frozen earth crunched softly underfoot.

Like Remy before her, Rafaela had begun to spend more and more time outside of her childhood home and, again much like her adopted brother, she had chosen to spend that time with the horses.

With no horse of her own, and no desire to hang around the family pastures, the young woman turned to the communal stock to better her riding skills and practice some of the training techniques that she had picked up from her father. Among these, the blue roan mare Amadahy and the black-and-white tovero paint Hell's Bells, both of whom were among the Tierra Amplia herd, were fast becoming her favorites. They were fast horses, sure-footed and confident, and riding horses like them was exhilarating and sometimes even terrifying.

It filled her with something other than the mess of emotions that the chaos of family life had left her with.

Reaching Broke-Leg Marsh, Rafaela quickly selected a halter and lead before seeking Amadahy out among the other horses grazing in the frosts of Tierra Amplia. Curious as she was, it was the mare who found her first. "There you are," she murmured, clicking her tongue encouragingly until the horse approached. She was still in-training, and while her tendency to be overly zealous made it so Amadahy wasn't a great choice for a newbie trainer, Rafaela loved a good challenge and she desperately wanted to ride this horse.

After losing precious sunlight trying to convince the mare that now was not playtime, Rafa successfully put on her halter and led her from the pasture and to a quieter location away from the rest of the herd. Once there, she began to refresh the groundwork that Ama had already learned, hopeful that the mare would prove to her that she knew what to do so they could move onto bigger and better things.

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