Nomadic Packs and Split Territory Claim Discussion
So this idea popped into my head, and I guess it’s decided to stick around because it’s paying rent in serotonin.

I posed this question in ‘Souls chat: Do pack territory claims have to be connected? Or could a nomadic group become an official pack with two, disconnected patches of territory if they added up to the same space?

The immediate ‘SA response from Mel was: “We'd probably have to have a discussion about it, but logistically, it would probably make more sense for there to be two separate groups working towards a common goal vs one at that point.”

And Bud and Vida contributed a few more ideas, like two small, sister packs whose members are officially part of one or the other for board reasons, but function as one pack and have free reign to move between the territories (Bud), and one long territory that the pack moved their living quarters across from time to time (Vida).

And I wanted to talk about it more! Because sure, you could do this with a loner band, but that doesn’t have any of the fancy pack things like territory claims or forums! I think one long territory would probably be easiest, but navigating the challenges of a split claim (through approval and beyond) sounds like it could be pretty fun.

Also down to discuss ideas for a nomadic pack in general, because my brain is whirring right now. A pack with multiple claims along the coast? One that spends the summer in the mountains and winters at a lower elevation? Have they always been nomadic, or are they an offshoot of a non-nomadic pack? Nomadic pastoralism??

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