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Auger watched Dynia's little face scrunch when Remy told her that the vegetables weren't for her. Auger knew exactly what he was doing and he was also fairly certain it would work.

"Don' want 'em anyway," Dynia insisted, but her little voice was more obstinate than before. He was fairly certain that there would be at least a few theft attempts for him to ignore while he was eating. Her nose started working as Remy got the food going and Auger wondered if he should give her something more to eat or just chew on, like a bone or something so she didn't start complaining about the food taking forever. Or maybe the little bit would be enough for her to wait.

As the food cooked, Auger got out their mismatched bowls. Two were made of wood and the other one was chipped ceramic. Dynia always got one of the wooden ones so that she didn't hurt herself on the ceramic's sharp edge.

"Here's the bowls," Auger said, passing them over to Remy. Dynia was squinting at him as if trying to decide whether he was being serious about eating all of the food. "Sleep is uh... well it happens sometimes." Auger sighed, rubbing his tired eyes. That part had to get better, right? If it didn't who would want to have multiple litters? And it didn't seem like all the parents of older pups were walking around looking like zombies.

"Meat, please," Dynia said, apparently deciding that Remy would not, in fact, eat all of the food. She shuffled closer to him, eyeing the skewered meat that he had nearby.

"I'll get those for you, Dynia," Auger told her. She pouted again, but she also plopped her butt down and waited. He got her food ready first, chewing the meat a bit like he had before. "Some days are easier than others," Auger said, getting back to the sleep topic again as Dynia started eating. He saw that she was avoiding the vegetables that were in the bowl. "I think things are getting better, though."

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