[LCSS] watching every step I take before I die
Azalea was feeling amazing. Not only had she won the fight in the fight club, she’d also gotten treatment from Sóli afterwards. They’d been able to spend so much time together since arriving here, Azalea was so glad that she’d come, even if it had been a horrendous amount of effort. She rocked her cup in a tight circle, hanging it from her fingers, watching the liquor spin in a circle as she listened absently to the conversations around her. Not necessarily because she wanted to, but rather because she couldn’t tune them out. Sólveig had already left some time ago and though Azalea wanted to go with her, she also felt wary of spending all her time with one canine. Especially someone from New Caledonia.

Azalea knew that there were Salsolans in the crowd, and she didn’t want to risk the chance that one of them might recognize Sóli and think that the two of them were a little bit too close. If Sólveig thought Azalea was being too cautious, paranoid, even, she didn’t say so. At least, not yet. Azalea was sure that they would have a conversation about this entire experience at some point. Perhaps after the Stockshow, before they part ways. She wasn't prepared for the show to end and for Sólveig to leave, though she supposed that they were both leaving each other. She would just have to plan to meet her soon, at their new meeting spot. The idea gave her shivers. That place was theirs, their secret place, and the romantic allure of that enchanted her. 

Pulling herself out of her daydream, she glanced around for someone to talk to, and Azalea felt a ball of lead form in her gut when green eyes landed on familiar cornflower blue. There, across the bar, was an incredibly familiar figure, someone she knew very well. Well, she didn’t know her very well, but she’d grown up with the woman around. Azalea felt the way that all young adults felt around the friends of their parents that they knew from being around them often, but also didn’t know because they were kids. In this exact moment, she couldn’t help but picture all the times that she’d held Sóli’s hand in the more quiet-but not entirely private-places, and concern seeped through her body as if someone had cracked a massive egg on her head and now the egg was creeping down her neck and back and arms and all over her.

She looked away, not wanting to make anyone think that they knew one another, seeing as Azalea was currently Elowyn the wine trader and Kamari was presumably some loner as well. The Gang would never allow Salsola’s top spy into their borders willingly, and Kamari would never expose herself on purpose. Letting a bored expression creep onto her face, she returned to her glass, lapping at the mead in it without actually trying to drink it. If Kamari wanted to speak to her, she would have to come up to Azalea. There was no way that Azalea was going to speak to Kamari right now, not while she was worried about all the things Kamari could have seen her doing with Sólveig.
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