[P] Its hard to keep the rainclouds out
What happened to Krokar was a shame. Set ablaze in the name of a god who seemed to only take. Though she took, every version of the Water Goddess that Aenan had encountered through the various beliefs of people he had met did take as well, but she always gave too. She provided food, travel, and hydration. Two vital things, and one that was very useful. To destroy something prosperous and wonderful was awful. Despite his attachment to the place, it was best to leave the blackened ruins abandoned. Wounds have healed in the two, though Aenan carried a scar from their fiery eviction, he was sure Percival did too. Why else does one go to a grave anyway? To mourn, to remember, to try to soothe the painful wound left behind.

Krokar was great, and Aenan hoped a future in New Caledonia would be just as grand, if not better. Having plenty of others to watch his youngsters brought comfort to the man. He could do it, but those beasts were just too full of energy to keep up. If Alena fell ill, they’d need someone’s help. “I’m glad,” Aenan said with a smile. “I’m sure we’ll need help sometime.” It was just a matter of time, and his family would be reunited, and they’d have a destination too. Should the old fisherman leave sooner, then perhaps they’d have a home as well. “She is a good girl, just likes to learn things a little too much,” he tried to assure. “Eventually I believe she’ll learn the hard way well enough to figure out she shouldn’t go poking around where she shouldn’t.”

Adventurous for sure, but Aenan had noticed a caution in her methods before he left. Perhaps Susan had already learned? It hurt him a little bit, that he didn’t know. It also hurt that his kids were far away. The ones in Marquette had grown up without him. Jacques and Susan wouldn’t endure that, but time spent away from them was not time well spent. A somber expression climbed his countenance and took over. “I hope they come soon,” he said with a sigh.

Time was not on his side anymore, he wasn’t young like he was when he first arrived. Aenan was old now, enfeebled by age. One day he wouldn’t wake up, and he knew that. When his children were around he accepted that. Now that they were no longer at arm’s length, he was not content with his mortality. “Maybe I’ll send Shiras to fetch them, do you have skilled healers in New Caledonia?” Aenan mused, though this prompted a worried expression from the Pyr son. Shiras, however did not voice any worry there. “Jacques may need one to check on how his wound is healing.”

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