[P] it was a great big world, with lots of places to run to
Optime | NPCs: Rum & Abelie
Ronin was out there somewhere. She’d lost contact with him about an hour or so before, and part of her cursed herself for not bringing Treasach with them when they’d left the pack territory earlier that day. The plan had been a rather simple one; leave New Caledonia, explore a bit, hunt a few things, bring back the spoils. Ronin had been in need of new leather to work with, and Naomi had been more than eager to adventure the world beyond her homeland again. It was usually fun, easy, except for when Ronin got too focused on a scent trail and left her wondering where he’d run off to.

Honestly, she would throttle him in the next sparring session they had if she didn’t skewer him with her knife first.

She’d tried searching for him the traditional way, however, his scent had quickly become lost and muddled as he’d traversed through waterways and areas impassible by horse. The roundabout routes she’d had to take to not leave their mounts and gear behind meant that she came in and out of his scent trail, and, after an hour of trying to find him, Naomi had decided that she was too irritated to care anymore. Ronin was a big boy, and could fend for himself or howl for her if he actually needed her help.

In the meantime, Naomi would do her own thing and adventure.

The Tavar sat astride the stallion that she had been working with since mid-winter. She wore her new set of leather armor atop a long, sleeveless doublet and a pair of linen pants. Her hair had been pulled up into a ponytail, and, to a Cavalier, she might have looked like a redder version of her mother. She had her sword attached to one hip, and its paired dagger resting opposite. Both horses had their own set of saddlebags and bedrolls, along with the extra baggage of Ronin’s personal gear from when he’d shifted down and run off.

Naomi’s mare, Abelie, followed easily behind them with little fuss, likely quite content to be riderless and only burdened with Naomi’s travel gear for the short outing. Rum didn’t seem to mind the extra weight of carrying Naomi though, and ambled along with little protest as the rider and horses traversed further out into neutral territory. Eventually, the trees gave way and rolling hills and stone ruins came into view. They’d gone south enough to reach Fort Cumberland, Naomi realized.

She’d visited the area a few times before, but, that afternoon had been the first for her to spot—her brows furrowed—a lone horse? Curious, Naomi turned Rum towards the grazing animal in the distance. She turned her nose up to the passing breeze, frowning as she realized that it was from the wrong direction. Her eyes scanned the open terrain for any signs of danger, but found little more than a few sparse trees dotting the rolling hills of Fort Cumberland. The closer she rode to the horse though, the more she was able to pick out the details of the lone animal. “Anybody out here?” She called out, hand moving to the sword at her hip just in case.

The lonely horse had gear, but she didn’t see a ride—

Her glacier eyes finally landed on a young, wolfdog female not far off from the horse. Suddenly, Naomi felt foolish for calling out at all. “Oh! Sorry, I suppose that’s your horse, huh?”

Inwardly, she cringed as she realized that she probably looked like a horse thief.

Naomi Stryder
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