[P] Never So Alive
There was no rhyme or reason in the terms of personal gain. Of course Amos saw the potential benefits of saving the life of someone in a better station, but they were not the driving force of his decision making. He was taught, from the moment of utterance of thought, that all life was sacred. That lesson morphed as he aged. Swiftly it moved from all life, to that of luperci kind. Hints of cultural superiority tossed in, how he and his own were better than all the other packs of canines out in the world. He swallowed that concoction in his youth, but as time went on that swill had been expelled.

Hand clasped tightly, a vice grip. Never once had Amos ever held anything so securely, so dearly before. The life of another was on par with his own, no matter how high or low the vessel of the soul was. From the greatest monarch to the most wretched slave; it didn’t matter. As he stared down at the man he was attempting to save, he could feel something growing quite quickly in his body. This surge of energy, a frantic rush pushed in one direction. Nigh euphoric, if it wasn’t for the dire situation. A twisted, energized knot in his stomach and radiating out like waves. The bard was sturdy, his body tuned by a life of labor, and though he was no hulk of muscle like some of the men and women inhabiting the world, he was quite strong.

Alas, the hand hold was nowhere near as sweet as a typical one could be. This was, in fact, a matter of life and death. More so a defiance of the latter. One could romanticize this encounter, this thinning of the veil between mortals and repose. Perhaps he would later on, put his feelings into song, but for now his attention was entirely poured into the cliff hanger.

The bard understood the instructions, they were pretty straight forward. Whether or not he was strong enough himself to carry them out was yet to be seen. “I am,” he told the man, and then he pulled. Combined strengths seemed to be enough as Amos was able to assist the man in raising himself up. It seemed agonizingly slow, however, but his sense of time may have been skewed given what was happening.

Amos life had been saved once by a dear friend. Those were the things that were expected. Knights sacrificing themselves for kings or fair maidens. Friends never leaving each other's side, even in the worst situations. He knew this man little, but he knew the man was luperci, was alive, and though Amos had consistently been dealt bad hands, he still could be this man’s ace. Anyone could be that for someone, yet so many wouldn’t. So many would take advantage of the predicament. He pulled, and pulled using his other hand once possible. This act would be one of kindness and nothing else. Amos would not be like his masters, both past and present.

And once they were on the same ground as the servant, Amos finally let go, hands sore from gripping so tightly. His arms only now protested, or only now he could feel it. The bard was panting and looked to the man he saved. A breathy chuckle leapt from his chest and he shook his head. “You better have a good reason for climbing the cliff,” he playfully chided the rescued man. "Please tell me it wasn't because you wanted to get up here faster than just going around."

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