[AW+] out tonight and the beat goes on
Aidan rarely slept for long stretches, and laying on the skins and furs in his home held little appeal for the Warden.  The rain bothered him very little, and autumn rains were often warm, despite their strength, even in the night.  So rather than prowl around his home, he’d left to wander his pack’s lands.  Heavy rains could often be dangerous, dragging the scent of others to the ground and filling everywhere with the smells of leaf mould and rain.  In the dark, and with a nose severely compromised ambushes were far more possible, although harder to spring, for the same reasons. 

Tonight there were no bird sounds, and even the insects were muted.  Overriding them all was the steady and unrelenting sound of the autumn rains.  Pooling in leaves and dripping to the ground, or collected and waiting for the unwary to crash into the tree holding it, dousing them, like some childish practical joke.  As always, Aidan remained alert, his mis-matched but serviceable knives his constant companions.  Despite his alertness though, he had no destination, and allowed himself to simply walk the lands, trusting that he would always be able to find his way back to his shelter, or at least a shelter.

The flicker when it came, was at the edge of Aidan’s vision, and he turned towards it, but there was nothing there.  Still, there was an afterimage in his memory, and Aidan did not suffer from the uncertainty that many others did when questioning their eyes.  The Warden was sure he’d seen something, and so moved in that direction.  Once again Aidan saw the flicker at the edge of his vision, this time in a different direction.  Drawing one of his knives, his hackles itching to rise, Aidan changed direction once more.  After a little way he emerged from the trees, looking around for what had caught his eye.  As he scanned, his gaze locked with another a short distance from him, and Aidan became aware of where he’d walked to.  Aidan nodded respectfully, glancing around again in search of the strange flicker.

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