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How much of a connoisseur of finer fashions Ierian was remained open to interpretation, but if nothing else Caelano’s festive finery garnered some of his attention. He wondered where it stood between the scavenged spoils from the wilderness and the clothing traditions of New Caledonia. A question best left to those associated with the Dye Studio of course. Calan Brecours in particular.

Cutting short the would-be drift of his mind towards manners of pack fashion, Ierian instead focused on the answer Celaeno gave him. Like his younger brother, the giant Songthorn did not always emote through facial expressions when there was more minute body language and non-verbal signage with which to communicate. That said, the look on his face, for the most part, seemed to reflect a kind of peaceful focus on his task. His glance, in the meantime, would serve to let her know she had his attention.

“Then it is well. It pleases me that you would come to learn such happiness.” To exchange hunger for matters of maintaining an appearance indeed seemed a luxury, and Ierian spared a solemn nod and a smile to mark his agreement. Grass and leaves replaced the man-made floor underfoot. A slight grunt marked his adjustment to the new terrain, knees bending slightly to support both him and what they were carrying.

When he saw the sled, he was not entirely aware just how they were to position their cargo on it. The occasional cart or saddlebags were vehicles enough to consider. This contraption lacked wheels. Was the long frame underneath to serve as handles for them to continue their journey? Surely the food, however well-earned and well-prepared did not deserve its very own palanquin upon which to be paraded towards storage.

Luckily his guide showed him around it and, in synchronicity with the wolfess, he finally lowered the platter on the device. “Hm… Then this…” He attempted, at first, to name the sled, but, lacking words, trailed off, then transitioned straight to the question. “Is it to be carried further?” Freed from the weight on his arms he circled the sled with his slight limp now somewhat more apparent, examining it from different sides. If nothing else, it seemed to have a discernable front and back, but beyond that did not appear intuitive to him. “I would accompany you, if you have further need. Whether of aid or of company for the trek.”

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