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It was never easy for Petrichor to meet new canines. He didn't like to make small talk, didn't ask how others were if he didn't care, and didn't like to talk about himself. That was all a recipe for being isolated even with a large pack surrounding him. Battle didn't have problems like those, so he leaned on her. She didn't seem to mind that he followed her around, hoping that he could get to know pack members through listening to conversations she had with them. Maybe then it would give him something to ask them about in the future.

As the weather began to cool, Petrichor wondered if they had a ritual or ceremony that they performed to mark the change in seasons. His birth pack did, though he did not usually like to take part in it. That was mostly because he didn't like most of them, nor did they like him. It turned out that there was a ceremony to attend, but it wasn't seasonal, nor was it happy. Petrichor did not know the Luperci who had died, but Battle thought that it would be good for them to show support anyway. Petrichor agreed in theory, but he also hoped that he wouldn't have to try to offer more comfort because that would not go well.

With the anxiety of possibly having to talk to his pack mates, Petrichor and Battle joined the ceremony. They listened to the words spoken by the Sola and hoped that the gathering would help their pack mates in their grief.

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