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“Family…?” Ierian drew out slowly, and though his tone was questioning, he wasn’t all that bewildered by the King’s statement. Admittedly, he has not quite studied the royal family tree, whether the branches or the fruits they bore. Iomair and his now former wife, Vodeva, were close enough at hand to have awareness of them.

The monarch elaborated soon, and Ierian thought patiently, even as his own thoughts resonated. Some spectral, fleeting notions reached after Iomair’s words, attempted to anchor there, to latch on and with this leverage drag the healer’s mind elsewhere. Before, he would have marched there himself.

Finding someone. Securing a future. The complications of families. Did he ever mull over such things?

“Hmmm…” Ierian’s eyes drifted closed as though studying some unseen ledger. Iomair will not have been entirely in the dark. After all, he too was now the Songthorns’ Howlbound. He buried the effigy of the brothers’ tribe and he sang with them. He would know Ierian and Bellad’s losses. Of course, he would also know his own.

“Often.” Ierian began with a brief remark, but soon, as he was wont to do, mused in a manner more elaborate. “When I came here. When I woke and found myself walking again. For a time there was naught I could think of but the fallen. My duty to them, I thought, was penance… and I cannot say I have completely abandoned the idea of it.”

The old wolf smiled a wistful smile. “Now it is too late, and I will have never done enough to save them…” His eyes opened, his glance turned heavy and aimed at the space opening before them. He watched the land swell with greater hues of light yet. “And yet… I am with Bellad. With pack. With Howlbound kin. Perhaps even… family.”

“Living a life in mourning had felt right. Felt just. But… Perhaps I was wrong to think that it was the only. It could be that it is not the sole thing to ensue from survival.” Though his shoulders bore the many losses written in the burns across his muscled frame, the more he spoke, the more hopeful was his low gentle voice.

“Ah… I know not if that is the response you anticipated or wished for, o King. If you are bothered by some complications in particular, then perhaps a more pointed question would lead to a more pointed answer. And, indeed, less ramblings from this humble healer.” In closing, a soft chuckle left his throat, giving Iomair room to carry on.

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