[P] Transformation comes, tempered by the flame
P. Jimena
Location: The Ivy Grande (Irving) || NPCs: -- || Form: Optime

For once, Rafaela Tejada was without one of her horses. In the wake of the raids that had left several of their number wounded, no doubt in ways that were more than just physical, La Mesteñera was among those whose wounds were still healing. Mercifully, she still had full use of her hands, but the laceration to her shoulder had been deep and it hurt to move it too much. Granted, that didn't stop her from performing her duties as a Caballista. No, the cut was nothing compared to her other wounds.

She learned very quickly that there were few agonies worse than burns.

Wrapped in an ochre bandana for embellishment, the bandages that covered the ugly, fire-eaten flesh of her right arm extended from just above her wrist up to her elbow. And the pain never seemed intent on letting up. No matter how much it healed, it felt as raw and angry and hot as fire itself. In a way, it offered her a little better perspective about her mother, though she desperately hoped that the pain wouldn't last forever. Eventually it would quiet and still. Eventually it had to stop. Or so she hoped.

She breathed out a sigh and glanced around her, lifting her nose to scent the air. Although they were growing out again nicely, her whiskers had been singed during the fire and the cool breeze tugging at the stubble was still taking some getting used to.

"Jimena, Esperanza!" she called from outside their new home.

With her kid sisters out of their childhood home now, they weren't as accessible to her as they were when they all lived together. And after all of the events that had unfolded since they found Freddy, she wanted to check in on them. Mostly Jimena, though. From what she understood, Esperanza had been smart enough to keep herself out of danger's way. But not Jimena. Of course not Jimena.

"¡Es tu hermana! Déjame entrar." She paused a moment, and then added,  perhaps a little begrudgingly: "Por favor."

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OOC: Set some time after the Calloway Raids. See also this [M] related thread for details about the fire. Hover over Spanish text for a translation!

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