[P] Transformation comes, tempered by the flame
P. Jimena
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Jimenas eyes remained fixed on Rafaelas, but the urge to look and investigate her sisters injury was strong. The normally stern expression on the darker females seemed to soften some, relieved for some undiscernible reason after looking Jimmy over. Her spine stiffened involuntarily as Rafa went onto describe her own harrowing experience. A pit of dread yawned open beneath her and with a lurch Jimena felt sick – sudden panic bleating like an alarm between her ears.

The idea that both of her siblings could have been lost without her knowing rocked the coyote and subtly she leaned against the doorway for support. The next few moments were spent inhaling through her mouth and exhaling out her nose. “ G-good to know them horses were saved. I know they are important to the both of you. “ Rafa promptly moved on to the next subject, letting things remain unsaid as they always did. The silver and pewter female hadn’t missed the shudder but did not comment. They all had their own nightmares, as was the Tejada custom.

“ ‘Course, right this way. “ Jimena sighed, pasting a banal smile on her face. “ It needs some work, but I’ve got some help lined up. “ She said cooly, pausing before leading Rafaela deeper inside. “ It’s quiet. Empty, for now. “ Glancing at the ruined staircase she marveled at what might lie undiscovered upstairs.

The longer they spent inside wandering around the more relaxed the El Elegido grew. Esperanza hadn’t joined her yet, but eventually the idea was that she would. “ Me n’ Lyssa came across some of those raiders too.. “ Jimena offered casually, carefully wording it as to not raise alarm. Gulping deeply, the coyote pushed down the helpless feeling that had spurred her into action during the fight. The image of Lyssa’s distress would not be forgotten anytime soon.

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