[P] I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship
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It would have been better to have waited until all the foliage had been shed for winter. Smokecloud's fur and clothes were damp from the morning dew. Her arms especially wet, thanks to her reaching into the leaves and plants to get to the soil underneath. The pass was overgrown, but a trail had been worn in places along the still present metal tracks.

Smokecloud enjoyed peering underneath the leaves and grass. Insects and small creatures called that underbrush land home. Each reach was another glimpse of that tiny land. Sometimes she'd spy rodents nibbling on shed antler, or creepy crawlies inhabiting a decaying bone. Other times she'd see relics of old, many and most of which long since rusted away to brown dust.

"Hokori, could you lift that log there for me?" The ironpaw asked, glancing back at her friend. Smokecloud had asked the woman to assist her in finding scrap for making things at the forge. There was one thing in particular that she wanted from the pass; those strange nails that only seemed to be found by the tracks. She wasn't sure what they were called but she had guessed they were used to secure wood in place along the tracks.

Once the log was lifted and pushed aside, Smokecloud scoured for her quarry, and only after a minute of pulling apart grass and picking at other things, she found the giant rail nail she hoped for. It was rusted, but had yet to decay. It would work. "Thank you, I found what I was looking for," she said with a smile, quickly tucking the spike into a bag before Hokori could get a good look at it.

The ironpaw took a moment to admire her friend. So strong and tall, criminally beautiful. She was perfect in every way in Smokecloud's eyes. "Say, I've been meaning to talk to you about something," she admitted, stepping towards the towering beauty. Smokecloud took her friend's hand in her own and looked Hokori in the eyes for a moment. They were gorgeous, bright and attentive. Smokecloud opened her mouth to speak, but the words didn't come instead she began walking away from the upturned log. "Are you still living with your parents?" She asked, focusing on the ground in front of them as they stepped together.

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