[P] I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship
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God she loved being able to show off in front of Smokecloud. Her beautiful buddy was big and strong in her own right of course but Hoko was bigger and stronger, something that very much pleased the primal pot stirrer part of her brain. And it wasn't just in a 'haha I can beat my friend up and throw her around and stuff" sort of way. No, the wolf mutt was also very interested in keeping her friend safe. Holding her close when she was hurt, dropping anyone who tried to run up on her like a sack of bricks, ripping those who harmed her limb from limb.

Just the usual good pal sorta things. 

Hokori listened to Smokey's offer and while she kept her expression cheerful she was wincing internally. How to let down her best friend...god that was a tricky one. No meant no and Smokecloud wasn't the sort to push against someone's boundaries but that didn't make Hoko feel like she wasn't somehow the asshole in this situation. "Smokey, I'm touched that you're asking me...but I don't think I'm ready for that sort of thing yet."

She didn't like being put on the backfoot, the question unexpected and uncomfortable. 

"Don't get me wrong, that sounds lovely! It's just...I'm still not really used to be an adult. Living with my parents lets me be a kid still, y'know?

It sounded ridiculous as she said it but it was the truth. Hokori knew she was immature and was scared of being matured, terrified by the idea of growing up. But it would have to happen someday. 

"Later, okay? We can talk about this later."

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