[AW] Charred Secrets
Who could, no, who would violate the town square with fire? No one from the inside, right? Then again, was the pack so incompetent to allow an arsonist of a loner to slip through and torch the place? The latter was far more worrisome than the former, but without much evidence to go off of, the culprit really could be anyone. At least they could rule out something natural, as someone had to have started the fire. Never in her life had Woodsmoke ever seen a single lightning strike without a storm to brew it.

The rogue blinked as she registered who she had pointed to. Arran, a sweet man, wandering in her preferred form. Her expression softened into a smile and she followed through with a sigh. “I slept through the whole thing,” she told him. “Proud of our pack for putting it out so fast, but sadly I’ve not found anything of note yet.” She wanted to make up for her tardiness, and worried if Tora would think less of her for snoozing in her hole instead of assisting pretty much everyone in stopping the blaze.

She wanted leads, wanted evidence, but knew not what to look for. Perhaps some charred cloth that held a scent, or maybe a set of tracks leading to and away. Too much dirt was flung and foot traffic made in putting the flames out would have covered up the trail, if one was left. “Maybe I’ll find something, otherwise I’ll have to ask around for anything that seemed out of the norm for the last few days,” she explained with another sigh. The anything would be the hard part, especially now. With people on edge, their minds could cling to the most mundane thing and paranoia could spin it around to something suspicious. "Any thoughts on who I should ask about it, at least?" she asked Arran, though one could frame the question as who she should investigate. "You know New Caledonia's people better than I do." The words stung, but Arran was an Old Caledonian and no matter how hard Woodsmoke tried, the woman felt detached from the pack.

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