[P] Are ya Chicken?
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“I ain't scared'a no hoodoo nuthin'” A wave of his hands toward Seaborne's heckling should have been the end of it, but it seemed that either one of the parent's raised him stubborn, or he'd inherited one, or both, of their hard heads. It was in that impish grin that Seaborne gave him, a near mirror of the mischievous smirk of his own, that lifted the bar in a challenge, “Don't you go getting' any ideas in that head'a yers,” His smile was growing wider as he could see in the pale eyes that matched his own, a plenty of ideas were growing.

“'Sounds like someun' whose scared would say,” Leaning forward in his chair and skirting his drink aside, the narrow maw eyed his father from across the table, “Why won't you go? Are ya chicken?” A hand pushed him from his table and with hands tucked into his pits and elbows out and flapping', Seaborne started making a ridiculous scene, “Bok bok bok, you scared? Bok bok!”

Wayne all but spit his drink out, just near to laughing as he was at being embarrassed that he'd had the luck of a son with so much damn sass. If he meant to violate his father, well, he was doing a damn good job of it. A tug on the boy's arm brought him down into his chair so hard, the thing nearly tipped out from underneath him, “You look a damn fool,” Nearly wheezing with laughter, he wiped a tear from his eye, “I ain't scared of nuthin', so yer gonna have to find some'un else to take along fer the ride, kid.”

Laughter had eased into a comfortable silence as they both tossed their drinks back and eyes surfed around the room for one such lucky companion. Seaborne seemed eager to get his scared out of his skin but not so bold to go alone, and Wayne was far more interested in watching a bigger group of Ashen threatened with the rumor of a haunting, in order to go at all.

“Hey, what about them?” Seaborne thumbed over his shoulder.

Familiarity found Wayne's eye as he spotted the unaware victim of their little ploy, “Hey, you! Yeah, you! C'mere for a minute!”

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