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Myst - Haunted Mansion Prompt
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Notch had to stifle a laugh at the sound that Seaborne made. It was pretty close, though. He took a drink while nodding. He didn't mind that Wayne didn't believe him. Most of the canines he told about the monstrous thing he saw didn't. At least Seaborne seemed to.

"Yeah! But a little higher pitched," Notch replied. It was always fun to find someone who did believe him and speculate on what it was. Auger didn't really like to talk about it much. Notch thought that the whole thing had been scarier for him than he let on. Notch looked down at his cup when Wayne decided it was time to go. He downed the rest quickly and hoped that he wouldn't regret that later. Or, well, in a few minutes. He pushed his chair back in and followed the other two out the door. Once outside, he let out a quick howl, communicating to Auger that he would be out for a while yet. He didn't want his mate to worry.

Notch definitely didn't want to get wet, so he made sure to keep up with the two luperci he was with. Definitely didn't want his hair to get messed up. It had been a good hair day, or at least Auger had said so when Notch asked him.

"What do you think we'll see?" Notch asked, feeding off Seaborne's excitement a bit. He felt a few rain drops fall and picked up the pace a little bit. He could already feel the alcohol he drank, making him feel both warm and more brave than he would otherwise. This was going to be fun.
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