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Feast time - Pack Thread - Dated 31st October
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Hard work was something Cedric was always committed to, and this year of all years would be a special celebration. Ten years ago, the very first Cavaliers gathered at this very spot and announced the beginning of Casa di Cavalieri. Back then, Cedric wondered, did the founders know just what kind of pack it would become? He hoped they would be proud of what had been achieved, through all the ages, and especially now. Casa was blooming better than ever, thriving under the leadership of the Sola and Lune and celebrating more and more new life each cycle. As the final preparations were made to the town square of Fort Kingsbury, Cedric thought for a moment of his father. Wishing the old Lune was still around to see his pack reach this incredible milestone. Glancing up to the dark sky, now littered with stars, Cedric counted the few that shone brighter than the others and knew the past Cavaliers were watching. All of them proud. 

With a smile, Cedric looked back down to the Fort, admiring all the hard work put in to make this feast possible: Gravel paths had been covered with furs or cloth, wooden tables circled the main fountain in the center, all covered in plates of fresh food and bottles of drink. From that marvellous fountain, banners attached to string hung across the square, attached to the shops and houses nearby. A cooking fire was being tended to by Isaac, who snacked on a bit of food himself as he set about making sure there was a steady supply of meals for the whole night. And up by the Courthouse, just before the stairs to enter, a stage had been set up of wooden planks and pillars with curtains hung across them, where the night's performers would attend.

It all seemed perfect. The streets were crowded full of Cavaliers, which might seem chaotic to some but to Cedric it just proved how large and incredible the Cavaliers had become. Once enough had gathered and the sunlight was completely gone from the sky, Cedric called for attention and grabbed a cup to raise. "Cavaliers! It has been ten years since our founders stood at this very spot and decided to create our pack. Ten years of hard work and history, both beautiful and sad... this place is an amazing home to many and I am proud to stand here as your Lune. Let us enjoy this night of well earned celebration, and think of how many more years our pack will stretch on into the future."

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